Ooze (Mister's rap purge)




The struggle...to rise above the rubble.

Mister's come to be known for his motorboat-bladed delivery, a blurring cascade of enunciated raps most listeners trip over after the fourth bar. He slows it down for true slow jams like "Coulda Shoulda" -one shadowy soul-woozy sipper from his brand new solo-E.P. The Ooze. Yeah, he said some stuff, but now he's all too painfully aware of how fleeting time is, the emotional shrapnel slices subtly upon the skins of those you whirl by in this world, without even knowing it...likely too much in a hurry.

Mister's Ooze E.P. comes out on Monday. You can hear the title track (below).

Ooze is one rapper regaining grasp on what matters - something we can all relate to if we really break ourselves outta the beat and take stock. Meditative, if just a little masochistic, Mister's spitting this all out onto the mirror, phlegm of faulted friendships, acidic coffee bubbles from cafe sit-downs that spun into put-downs, all the words you'd been meaning to write in the last year that you couldn't quite thread-through your distracted, deluded brain - dude's being frank here on one subject, himself and his life - and the next bar's the evolution, the next rhyme's syncs up the proper perspective. The big picture. Destroy this outdated model that has left you feeling voiceless.

Listen: Mister - "The Ooze"

Trundled along by the aesthetic oomph of keen producers like Eddie Logix, Dr. B and Que-C, with the cover dynamically splashing with the tweaked-out Saturday Morning Cartoon-surrealism of Nathan Bortz' - and you've got a commendable overall statement - especially considering it was spilled together somewhat on the fly, with Bryan Lackner (a.k.a. Mister) regimenting himself to complete this in the window of one month.

Purge the poison, the ooze, of life... Re-focus, re-situate, re-adjust... What really matters to you? To Mister, it was creating cathartic raps. What about you?

Nathan Bortz in action...