Children of the Sun (Phantasmagoria)



Electro-wunderkinds Phantasmagoria have a mesmeric new video, in case you missed it...

Fresh off his inaugural hosting of the High Vibrations monthly music series, prog-tweaking-ambient-arranger Christopher Jarvis steps out of the frame for this video, letting his bandmate, percussionist/singer Lianna Vanicelli bask in the bleary-iridescent spotlight/"sun"-light...

High Vibrations, which aims to showcase various progressive/"futuristic"- electronic music channeling out of the metro-area, returns on March 9th (with Dial 81, Eddie Logix and more). Jarvis says he hopes the series starts to be more like "a crew..." or at least builds "... a community of likeminded artists," that eventually becomes "a movement" that draws attention outside of Detroit.  "But that's a ways down the road."

What isn't such a ways down the road, though, is another kind of movement - as in the expansive Electronic Music Festival slated for the Memorial Day weekend of 2013: Movement. Jarvis says he's booking a Movement after party, but no hard details yet.

Meanwhile, he and Vanicelli are working on the follow-up full-length to last year's Currents. " It's very hip hop influenced," says Jarvis, who also has been fleshing out further ambient, left-field glitch-trips with his solo work as Ancient Languages. "(The next Phantasmagoria album's) like a collage of found sounds. I've become really obsessed with the sounds of the rhodes & wurlitzer pianos on this album. We're also working on another video for the first single from that album that we're directing ourselves."

So there you have it...