City Slang: Ryan Dillaha rocks for Camp Casey



On Tuesday evening, we attended “Brews and Bites” at Fifth Avenue Billiards in Royal Oak, basically a preview to the “Wild West Summer Beer Fest”. Americana/alt-country dude Ryan Dillaha performed live, and there was much in the way of great food and beer on offer, though the real story was the amazing work being done by organizers Camp Casey.


That non-profit organization offers horseback rides and vacations to children and families suffering from cancer. As they said on a video which was screened at the event, children don’t think about cancer when they’re riding or grooming horses. There really is an exceptional group of people behind Camp Casey, providing some joy at a time when families need it most. As a father, I can’t begin to imagine what those families are going through. Do what you can to help and check out Camp Casey. Go to the Beer Fest this summer and help support them.

Special mention also goes to Garden Fresh, famous for their salsa, for creating an amazing burger with cheese on the inside.

As for Dillaha, performing acoustic tonight, he was typically awesome. This guy has a way of making the most mundane, everyday statements and observations seem intense and unique. His delivery is extraordinary, matched only by his ability to twist and turn a very traditional genre into something fresh and exciting.

Tonight wasn’t about Dillaha, he was the background entertainment while something far more important was going on. Still, it was tough to take your eyes off him.