Blowout 16 is on


Guest Blog by Frank Woodman (Caveman Woodman)

I'm driving down 94 at 90 miles an hour. Just got out of work an hour early and I have Blowout fever. Trying to make Loretta Lucas, I fly up the back stairs of the Majestic with my backpack and have my first beer open before I reach the top of the stairs. Kick the door open to Bars of Gold at full throttle. Fuck yes! Blowout 16 is on! I love these guys personally, but man, what a kick ass band! The sound on the second stage at the Stick is good. Super sweaty, someone asks if I just played. Ha! The place is buzzing, artists! For the next 4 hours I'll drink, dance, hobnob, rock out and soak it all in. See you tomorrow Detroit!