City Slang: Weekly music review roundup



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Despite the fact that he’s still battling with health issues, Bootsey X has a new album out, Women’s Love Rites (Jett Plastic Recordings). Backed by Ricky Ratt of the Trash Brats, Matt Smith of Outrageous Cherry and Gerald Shohan of Bootsey’s old band the Lovemasters, this album sees the raw rock ‘n’ roll dialed back a touch, the songs instead allowed to flourish on the surface. There’s a stunning girl-group feel to a song like “Mirage”, kinda like when the NY Dolls covered “Great Big Kiss”. This awesome album is available on full length vinyl, and there’s a four-track EP with the same name too. You’re better off with all ten songs.


Ryan Dillaha was handing out copies of his Awful Blue CD at Blowout, just a burned CD with no case that he slipped in my pocket. That’s a cool marketing campaign, especially considering the fact that the six songs on here are beautiful. Dillaha has taken a long hard look at the traditional, dipping his toes in but not immersing himself completely. What the songs are called – who knows. The CDR didn’t come with any notes. But I’m glad it was my pocket Dillaha found.


YellowjacketsA Rise in the Road is the latest release from Mack Avenue Records. This jazz band has a 32-year history and, while the personnel might have shifted and changed over the years, the quality hasn’t. Yellowjackets, like the superhero Yellowjacket, is a moody little beast, dark and light intermingling and wine flowing hard and fast. The loss of bassist Jimmy Haslip doesn’t seem to have slowed the band down one bit.

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