Saturday (May 25th) Looks Good To Me




Saturday Looks Good To Me -

One Kiss Ends It All









This iconic Ann Arbor pop institution aren’t a normal enough band to be basely pinned the normal-“comeback” narrative, even if it has been six years since we’ve heard new recordings of their eclectic summery jams and rich, recondite rock style.

Songwriter/producer Fred Thomas started the group (sustaining it now for a dozen years cranking out a half-dozen releases) and remains its nebulous nucleus, revolving a roster of unique instrumentalists to accompany him in the studio (typically revolved again, later for stage shows).

It’s never been the same band twice as much as its never made the same album twice; Thomas is an habitual experimentalist – his playfully weird roadtrip janglers and walk- in-the-park- sprees artfully explore everything that’s conceptually possible within the confines of a traditional pop (think Beach Boys, Big Star or Belle & Sebastian), spilling in ambient noise experimentations, intricate production effects and unconventional compositions.

On the surface: It’s fun, freewheeling pop, but listen closely; Thomas buries audio treasures for you.

SATURDAY LOOKS GOOD TO ME with SECRET TWINS and EL DEE at the Loving Touch ---Ferndale--- 8pm--- 5/25/13