City Slang: Weekly music review roundup



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Joe Hertler & the Rainbow SeekersRecorded Live in Stereo at the Russell Industrial Center was exactly that. It’s all given away in the title. So what we have here is a five-track CD, and a DVD featuring the recording of those same five songs. This is a band that loves their city, something that’s evident from the “beautiful Detroit, Michigan” note on the front, and the fact that they have an awesome song called “Red Wings”. They’re great too; it’s as if all of those radio friendly mellow indie bands like Snow Patrol moved here, soaked in the city and then jammed.


Sunday School is a phenomenal record, a compilation of gospel music recorded by a bunch of local notables and put together by Doop of the Inside Outlaws. It’s a rare treat to hear Eddie Baranek of the Sights singing a song like “In the End I Know He’s Alright,” Rachel May with “Angel From Montgomery,” and Danny Kroha with “I’m Gonna Take a Trip in That Old Gospel Ship”. We get to see a whole other side to our beloved Detroit rockers and country guys and gals, and it’s refreshing.

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