City Slang: Weekly music review roundup



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Earth Needs Men is a duo featuring Detroit native Delton on vocals, keys and violin, and his buddy Scott on drums, bass, etc. Delton has passed through New York, Canada and now LA since leaving Detroit, but we think you can still hear the true grit in his noise. The Make Me Fall album is very cool, low-key, minimalist and experimental, suave and kinda dark in that “dangerous nightclub in a dirty alley” sort of way, and the cover of Depeche Mode’s “Policy of Truth” is awesome. Still, someone should grab Delton and drag him home.


Aeris describes itself as a popcore band from Oakland County. The This is the End of Your Life EP is certainly very bouncy, and the five dudes look fresh-faced and poppy. There are some crunchy riffs on here, and a couple of tunes that are mildly infectious, but it’s just not very interesting. Maybe Alternative Press readers will dig this, but we can’t help but feel that these songs need a little more personality.


Finally, there’s Fonk Chile & the Kosmicdelics and the The Relanding of the Other-Ship Connection (D-Knight Filmz) EP. You only have to look at the cover to realize that there’s a strong George Clinton influence here but, hey, if you want to make funk in Detroit, why not learn from the very, very best? Hell, they even say on their website, “Fonk Chile & Da’ Kosmicdelics is a modern day George Clinton and Parliment / Funkadelics attempting to pick up where George left off in his prime’ in the 70?s. Kosmicdelics will be re-introducing the pure funk to this new tech generation, using George Clintons same foundation but with originals, based off of all the great funk bands.” And that’s what they do. These guys are awesome musicians with some undeniable swagger, incredible costumes and great tunes. Not a hint of originality, but in this case, who gives a shit?

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