City Slang: Weekly music review roundup



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Big Hoodoo’s Crystal Skull is the latest release from Insane Clown Possee’s Psychopathic Records, and you have to hand it to the clowns – they’ve always known how to package a CD. The art here is awesome, and they even appear on a couple of tracks. Unfortunately, the music isn’t nearly as interesting as that produced by ICP, or even Twiztid (or BlazeYaDeadHomie, or ABK, etc). The word “hoodoo” is repeated a LOT, and the effort to create a creepy black magic vibe is appreciated but unsuccessful. Rather than those creepy dudes in Live & Let Die, Big Hoodoo comes across like a rapping Darth Maul. Nobody wants that.


Rattletrap’s new CD is called Trailer Park Bingo, which is the best name for a record we’ve heard in a while. It just generates so many images and asks so many questions, some of which are answered by the awesome cover art. The music is fairly cool – dusty old outlaw/alt country with a Merle vibe and a Johnny swagger. Not amazing, but tunes like “40 Days” will make all of you yearn for a spell on the road in a stinky van.

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