Haim - (Summer) Days Are Gone




Days Are Gone

Out: 9/30


This west coast sister trio has charmed all the right ears these last couple years with their cool, funky, disco-beat bumping brand of pop and now it’s your turn. Though formed in 06 and having since evolved their signature style of a soulful electro-pop, they’ve mingled  with a range of acts from Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros to Ke$ha. They kinda fit everywhere. But now they’re opening up for Grammy favs like Mumford & Sons.

Each track on their first full length are uniquely arranged, inherently charming, R&B-sweetened pop jaunts blending nervy drums to cool sliding synths, raunchy guitar roars over lively bass licks; most of them only three-teasing-minutes garnished with their impressive harmonization. It’s as tempting as junkfood pop but strangely fulfilling as a protein shake.