City Slang: DJ LaFemme celebrates Start Up



World renown house music DJ Jenny Feterovich, aka DJ LaFemme, will celebrate her co-produced PBS series, Start Up, (Monday, 7:30 PM WTVS in Detroit) airing now on 350 PBS affiliates, with an all women entrepreneurial event and mixer and premiere, on Thursday, October 24, at the Royal Oak Pink Pump from 6:30 to 9:30PM.

The show sees Feterovich team up with one of the Detroit area featured business owners, Tawny Thieu-Walker, owner of multiple Pink Pump, P2, and P2 Exchange women's fashion boutiques.


They say, “It will be a women's entrepreneurial enrichment event, a RSVP Preview screening of Thieu-Walker's Start - Up segment will be shown- followed by a Q & A with Thieu-Walker and Feterovich.” Find out more on Pink Pump here.

“Start-Up, is a new television docuseries highlighting the struggles and victories of entrepreneurs in eight cities across the United States, debuts on public television this month (check local listings). Sponsored by American Express, General Motors and Walsh College, Start-Up provides an up close and personal look into today’s small business success stories. In each episode, producer Jenny Feterovich and her team, reveal the true experiences of individuals who have taken ideas and nurtured them into established businesses in an uncertain economy.” See the trailer here.