City Slang: Free streaming service Ourtunez launches



Detroit entrepreneurs Sam Munaco and Chris Ciaramitaro have launched a new free music streaming site called Ourtunez. While it seems that the internet is already full of streaming apps and the like, these guys swear that Ourtunez is different.

“Traditional radio has lost listeners by playing the same old thing to the same demos, and streaming options have typically been one music format or another,” said Munaco. “We want to knock down barriers and expand horizons, playing outstanding, unknown music alongside mainstream songs to feed new music discovery.”

The iOS app is soon to be released on Android blends independent and mainstream music (it’s dubbed “where indie meets pop”). Ourtunez streams at 192 kilobits per second to produce a higher sound quality for listeners. Go to to see what it’s all about>. There are various stations (“Indie Rap,” “80’s Hits,” etc), plus the option to create playlists.

“Some of the greatest bands out there may never have the opportunity to reach the masses without the marketing and promotion of a major label,” added Ciaramitaro. “Talented musicians need a new voice and listeners need an avenue to hear and discover them. Ourtunez provides that world stage.”

“Some services focus on mainstream music, others on indie,” added Munaco. “We saw the flaw in each approach, and Ourtunez is the solution, combining both for music lovers.”

“Ourtunez is the incorporation of our desire to start a business and constantly discover new music. For years, we would search blogs, forums and shows to discover the next new band or musician,” said Ciaramitaro. “After high school, neither of us could spend hours each day searching online, so we needed a better solution for us and our friends.”

The Ourtunez music streaming application is available for download on iTunes and the App Store.