20 Local Songs of 2013 (pt 2 of 2)


Continued from the first half of this Top 20...here...


10. Shigeto – Ringleader

9. Zoos Of Berlin – “Movie On August Ray” (Time No Place)

8. Oscillating Fan Club – “Gone Are The Faces” (Bellyache Records)

7. Eddie Logix + Mister + Benjamin Miles – “In The Meantime” (self-release)

6. Duende – “Bleed” (Bellyache Records)

5. Doc Illingsworth - #ORWLT (self-release)

4. Terrible Twos – “Sickness Of The Swan”  (Urinal Cake)

Stream it here: http://urinalcakerecords.com/terribletwos/

3. Saturday Looks Good To Me – “Everpresent New-Times Condition” (Polyvinyl)

Stream it here: https://soundcloud.com/polyvinyl-records/saturday-looks-good-to-me-the

2. Frontier Ruckus – “Black Holes” (Quite Scientific)

1. Bars Of Gold – “Coffee With Pele” (Bellyache Records)


Honorable Mentions:

Rebel Kind

Human Eye

Danny Brown

Kickstand Band

...and too many more.

Until next year....