Listening to: Doc Illingsworth's 'Flakes'




It's Winter Time. We just survived the Polar Vortex. How did you spend the time, being snowed-in?

Doc Illingsworth made another album.






Illingsworth usually goes 60--40 on his releases, trading off his rapper/lyricist side for his instrumental-inclined producer-side. (Think: those psychedelic, yet groovy jazz trips that Yesterday's New Quintet or DJ Shadow could go on...blending warm piano samples with 8-bit synth crackles, diced-up strings looping disjointedly over some pensive, subdued beat arrangements).

Things get weirder or dorkier as the tracks flurry forward - some cartoonish vocal cut-ins and Street Fighter II Ultra soundbytes get a little too excited on side two, maybe.  But then, that's been Illingsworth's M.O. - get you thinking, then get you smiling....but then get you thinking, again. His interest in dissecting some free-jazz grooves into a bit of an agit-electro-pop soundtrack for a nerdy night of insomnia under a blanket of endlessly-falling snow, is juiced with his signature sense for levity by those more colorful samples.


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