Whirlwind Heat's 'Do Rabbits Wonder?' gets reissued




Remember Whirlwind Heat? Third Man Records will reissue the the band's Do Rabbits Wonder?, originally released nearly 11 years ago, for Record Store Day. Since the record's songs are all the names of colors, TMR will release a limited edition on 12 different colors of vinyl — with a plain ol' black vinyl general release slated for later in the year.

Long before the label had a physical location in nashville, Do Rabbits Wonder? was the first release aside from a White Stripes album to bear the Third Man Records brand. (The Stripes even bumped the release of their much-hyped Elephant to make room in the 'W' section on record store shelves for both.) And long before Terry Richardson was directing Miley Cyrus videos, he took a liking to these young art punks and directed Whirlwind Heat's "Purple" — watch it below: