Blowout In The Library (Part 2)


The Library survived last night - some beer spillage here and a bit of wall rattling amplifications from Mod Orange - but nonetheless, we're back for another night of live music.



More folksy, tonight...comparatively speaking. Jessica Wildman is a solo singer/songwriter with just a delicately fuzzed acoustic guitar, varying between a jaunty percolation and more spacious, sumptuous strumming, pairing nicely under her pretty vocals, a middle register accentuating into dynamic crescendos or creaking with quirky chirps here and there. We dug the Storkes cover she pulled off! (But you can see her latest music video for a better sense of it).

I know that with so many more bands and so many more venues packed into this solitary Blowout weekend, it required that a handful of places that were heretofore never imagined to be utilized for hosting live music -have come into participate as "venues" -the Library included. But we were more than ready! If you take anything away fro m this year's Blowout... it's that there's plenty of places around town other than bars that can help support local music --if, we presume, your sole gauge of that support is the ability to host live music...

The Library's more like a Community Center anyhow, right? That's at least the idea they've been going for, here in the 21st century. And what's the greater SE Michigan Community filled with...? Bands, man! Let's let 'em. Turn up. Sing in a library. Shred in a library. Share your songs.

Anyway, onto the next show..

And onto the next Blowout. We'd like to try our hand at venuehood again.