Fundraising campaign launches for Midtown music shop



It is estimated there are around ten thousand full-time musicians in the city of Detroit. These are individuals who depend on their art and their craft to sustain themselves. Just like any other person in the workforce, musicians need equipment and supplies to carry out their tasks. Logically, one would think, that with so many musicians in the city, there would be a place where they could buy the equipment they need to continue working. Unfortunately, if you need say a reed, strings, picks, drumsticks or a cable, you're obligated to trek out to a suburb and deal with some guy who calls you "Chief" way too much for what you need. Fortunately, Third Wave Music is trying to remedy that by establishing a music store in the city of Detroit.

Third Wave Music launched a fundraising campaign this week on IndieGoGo. The mastermind behind the project is a familiar face in the Detroit music scene, being one half of the band Illy Mack, Jen David. You may be thinking, "Well, just because she plays music doesn't make her suited to run a music store." Bite your tongue. David has cut her teeth working in nearly every capacity at the music shop managed by her mother. 

The store will be located in the Forest Arms building near Wayne State's campus. Jen's partner, Jeffrey Thomas, will act as a creative consultant and electrical engineer. Third Wave will be a much needed resource to local and touring musicians alike. Some of the unique items they will offer are custom cables and art guitars, which is a collaboration with local artists to create playable and non-playable pieces of art.

The goal of the campaign is to raise $25,000, which will go toward retail inventory, office supplies, lesson inventory, build out, working capital and a community events fund. Like with any fundraising campaign, there are incentives. Of course, the more you donate, the sweeter the packages.