Watch Jack White discuss his 'ludicrous' Paramount Records anthology on CBS



Our boy Jack White made an appearance on CBS This Morning on Saturday to talk with Anthony Mason about his ambitious The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records anthologies.

A joint effort between White’s Third Man Records and Revenant Records, the lavish, two-volume box set collects songs from Paramount, the pre-WWII label subsidized by a chair and phonograph manufacturer that was an early champion of African-American artists. Among the label's roster were Louis Armstrong, Geeshie Wiley, Jelly Roll Morton, and Charlie Patton — among many others. In all, White spent three years on the project, which features 1,600 tracks (and in White's own words, shows "How ludicrous that I could be, really, with my free time").

The box set will cost you a pretty penny, though, at $400 for each volume. It includes six vinyl records, a flash drive with 800 digital song files, books, and an Art Deco cabinet. Definitely not for the casual music fan.

Watch the segment below or check it out on CBS News: