Money's nothing and drugs are nice



Tonight at the small (and excellently small press-friendly) bookstore DittoDitto, Lisa Carver is appearing with three experimental musicians for a free, early evening event — starting at 7 p.m., the show also features Pearl Diver, Crode and Avri77avigne.

Carver's book Drugs Are Nice: A Post-Punk Memoir is required reading for subcultural studies in the US '80s/ '90s.  She has also gone on a date with G.G. Allin, written a sex column for, introduced the world to Dame Darcy, and written and published the crucial underground 'zine Rollerderby

I'm not sure whether Carver will do a musical thing, a performance piece, or read from her latest work, Money's Nothing. But it will be super entertaining, and surprisingly warm and inviting, whatever it is.