A super beautiful folk record for this unexpectedly sunny solstice



Montreal-based singer/songwriter Myriam Gendron made the coolest record in 2014 by taking poems written by Dorothy Parker and making them into these killer, sweet songs. I only knew of Parker as a great Algonquin Table satirist famous for her quick wit, and had no idea she wrote poems at all.

I just moved here from Portland, OR, a land where super pretty boys and girls strum banjos and ukuleles all day long, then on into the damn night, as well. I'm so tired of almost all contemporary folk music, as a result. But still, this is really endearing and unassuming, smart music. I'm so glad the record, Not So Deep As A Well, was recently repressed, as it was initially released in something ridiculous like 300 copies and I found out about it two months after it was released so I didn't get one until the other week.

OK, I better post this now before the sun goes away.