Two groovy retro-soul live shows for your holiday times



You've probably thought about your New Year's plans quite a bit already. But what about those other days in-between the 25th and Jan. 1. Surely, you might want to get out of the house and jump around to some live music, no?

We've got quite the one-two punch if you're in the market for some revved-up, loud modern take on Detroit's signature brand of soul music.

First up is the Infatuations, who perform on Friday, Dec. 26th at the Magic Bag in Ferndale. I't's a charity party, with a portion of the proceeds going to Detroit PAL. Tickets are $10 and the show begins at 8 p.m.

And the next evening, on Saturday, Dec. 27th, the venerable and inimitable Detroit Cobras bring their demolition derby take on classic soul to the UFO. Admission is $16 and it starts at 9 p.m.