And now, the seven totally best Stooges covers!



In this week's issue, I posted a cheeky playlist of the worst Stooges covers ever committed by humanity. That was pretty fun to do. But we don't only have hate here at the Metro Times. Even the most casual Detroit music fan's heart burns with love for the Stooges, forever, of course.

The Damned's 1977 take on "1970" is suitably amped-up, chaotic and forever fun.

Their recorded cover of it is better, but this live in the TV studio version of "TV Eye" by Radio Birdman is something to behold.

The Birthday Party swagger on up to "Loose" and give it a very deep kiss. Who else seriously misses this version of Nick Cave?

Mission of Burma's "1970" might even be better than the Damned's. Much ferociousness here — and Martin Swope's live looping back effects and noise which threatens to overtake the song two thirds of the way through, that's one of the coolest things you'll hear in any year.

Feedtime's take on "Ann" is pretty sweet.

At just under two minutes, with only a few yelps to stand in for the lyrics, Rocket from the Tombs' 1975 take on "Raw Power" is the only cover that song ever needs.

One of the best ways to cover music like this is with a modicum of restraint. The Feelies hold back just a bit on their cover of the swaggering "Real Cool Time," and that's what makes it terrific. 


What did we miss, in either the best or worst categories? Let us know here, please, OK!