Check this rare live recording of Nolan Strong in Detroit in the early 1970s



Motown may be the biggest name, but the smaller and scrappier (and, of course, earlier) local label Fortune issued an incredible amount of killer blues, gospel, hillblilly, pop and polka, from its inception in 1946 to its shuttering in the mid 1990s.

Nolan Strong and the Diablos were the biggest R&B act in Detroit from the mid ‘50s to the early ‘60s, and it’s not hard to hear why from simply listening to any of their records. This song here is a later live recording. And Diablo is past his prime, but still, he kills. Thanks as ever to our friend in YouTubes, BobSeger1981, who's an ace at unearthing killer rare Detroit stuff. You'd do well to do that thing where you follow his posts.