These are all the known live clips and videos by Swiss punk band Liliput/ Kleenex. You're welcome!



It's the end of a long week. What are you doing this weekend? (Please don't answer for real, I don't actually care; that question was rhetorical.)

Before I head out, I'm going to listen to the Swiss band Liliput, who started out calling themselves Kleenex but later had to cease and desist for copyright reasons.

I originally wrote a long post about this phenomenal band, but I stupidly didn't save it and accidentally erased what I had written. The above two posts are the best I've found in terms of live clips.

And I think this is the sole video that the band made while still together.

These clips are pretty cool — they seem to be silent super 8 film footage which was later synced up to two of their best known songs.

And this is pretty un-mess-with-able as well — talk about a show you'd want to go back in time to check out! Everyone here looks so young, too, wow.

PS: A friend hepped me to the fact that I forgot this video to their killer song "Die Matrosen." So, here it is.


OK that's it — enjoy your weekend! Listen to Liliput.