In case you are totally stressed out like I am right now, here's some lovely drone music by Phill Niblock



I didn't know it's possible to have a hedder as long as that one I just typed in here, but clearly it is possible. So, yeah — the conceit of this blog post is that I just had a very unrelaxing weekend, so I'm now in the deep breaths trying to at least relax stage of things. I'd like to turn to a music that is overwhelming and blissed-out and wordless, something that might take me out of my own body and my own silliness.

Phill Niblock is a genius drone-based composer and film-maker based in New York City.

You probably know that already because he visited here about one year ago.

My favorite record by him is Four Full Flutes; the above link there is to one of the four works on that CD.

It just might be starting to work. I might be mellowing out a little bit now! Hooray. Man, I love this music so much. The way it can get inside you, you almost don't want it to ever leave, you know?