16 year-old local label owner and former Metro Times writer Jarrett Koral is blowing up the Internet today!



We at the Metro Times are so glad that Jarrett Koral's local TV interview (embedded below) went viral in the last day, following the announcement earlier this week that Koral's label will soon release a record by actor Macaulay Culkin's pizza and Velvet Underground loving band, the Pizza Underground. This is such a sincerely feel-good story, really.

If I recall correctly, none other than Kim Fowley declared Jarrett "the Cameron Crowe of Detroit." I hope I didn't butcher that quote; his deservedly proud father told it to me when I visited the excellent record store he helps run. Check out Jarrett's label website here.


At the age of 14, Mr. Koral, who lives in St. Clair Shores and (again, according to his proud pops) gets straight A's, wrote regularly for us (and will hopefully again soon, actually — he is such a cool and talented dude). Check his entire archive of Metro Times pieces here