This photo of Ornette Coleman welcoming Cecil Taylor to Ornette's 85th birthday is something else!!!!



If you're even a super casual fan of jazz, this image embedded below of two of its most visionary practitioners saying hello to each other in their golden years has to stir warm feelings. The image is from the Twitter account of Adrian Shaughnessy.

These guys are such heroes and pioneers, it's really difficult to state their enduring influence, their truly heavy badassery. Both are still making great music. Ornette just released a new album, New Vocabulary, a few months ago.

And while Mr. Taylor, who is a year older than Mr. Coleman, might have been in the news for a pretty sad reason recently (having been allegedly swindled out of a large amount of money), he appeared to talk about the incident with extreme gravitas and humor. And Mr. Taylor still performs and is an absolute extreme force of nature when he does.