Here's the worldwide premiere of the new video by Autumn Wetli (Rebel Kind) for the brand new Western Where label



As we reported earlier, local label Urinal Cake has just launched a jukebox 7" country label called Western Where. The first release is a solo effort by the Rebel Kind's Autumn Nicole Wetli, “I Still Go On” backed with "It's Over." the song was recorded by the ever prolific Fred Thomas, who took the above photo. The video below was shot the other week in the alien landscape of Joshua Tree, and it is awesome. And thanks to the label, we're the first to link to it, hooray!

Western Where has this to say about the release: Calling out from the shadows, Autumn Nicole Wetli's done-wrong heart sinks about as low as a girl can get on these two tunes of heartbreak and abandonment, though you'd never know it from how beautiful the sounds are. "I Still Go On" romps drunkenly across the bar room floor, looking back on a deceitful lover with the kind of clarity that only comes after seven or eight drinks, while "It's Over" slows down the pace for a glimmering, sorrowful dirge evoking some heavy [Opal/ Clay Allison] vibes and featuring the ghostly backing vocals of Raw Honey songwriter Maggie Hopp. A punk at her core, Autumn's rough-edged songs get smoothed out only so much in these country-tinged jams.