Before a band from the west coast moved to Detroit ... another band from the west coast moved to Detroit


The Starlite Desperation.
  • The Starlite Desperation.

Last week, news broke that musicians from Portland, Ore. were moving to Detroit in pursuit of the artists' life — and to possibly paint their house a "crazy color." One of the artists cited was the genre-defying Sold Only As Curio, who said they hoped to launch a non-profit based studio, which was not feasible in oversaturated Portland.

But before a band from the west coast moved to Detroit, there was ... another band from the west coast that moved to Detroit. 

Back in 1999, as Detroit's nascent garage-rock scene was just starting to gain traction, a young outfit named the Starlite Desperation bucked the trend of bands migrating west to try and "make it" by uprooting from Monterrey, Calif. to live in Woodbridge in Detroit — a move MT called "one of the few musical relocations to Detroit of note since Alice Cooper first called Detroit home." 

That band's Detroit life turned out to be short-lived, however. Just over a year after they moved here — quite possibly motivated by the realization that winters in Detroit are basically the worst — they headed back west and relocated in L.A. before finally calling it quits in 2008.

Hopefully Sold Only as Curio can stay a little longer. Below, watch a video of the Starlite Desperation playing at Detroit's now-defunct Gold Dollar.