Too bad he was a fascist: Check out the collected 100 year-old recordings of Luigi Russolo, OG noise dude



Thanks to the almighty online arts archive UbuWeb, you can hear all extant recordings of Futurist composer Luigi Russolo (1885-1947) for free, as these hudred year-old works are firmly within the public domain. These pieces all were released on a CD called Die Kunst der Geräusche, and UbuWeb is so thorough they've even linked to a PDF of the groovy small press Great Bear pamphlet translation of Russolo's riveting 1913 manifesto "The Art of Noise." Further down the page, you'll see more recent recreations of his works, which are also worth checking out. 

This music is not only ahead of its time, it seems to come sideways, from some other dimension with radically different ideas of aesthetics. It's also somehow kind of corny, to me. Check it out for yourself, OK! Also you might want to look at the links between the rise of the Futurist movement and the ascendancy of fascism in Italy at the same time. This might be a good start