Check it out: Eminem annotates his own lyrics for



Looks like Eminem is the latest artist to annotate his own lyrics for, the pop music lyric database that Detroit's own Dan Gilbert has invested millions in

So far today, the rapper has annotated more than 40 lyrics for tracks in his catalog, along with a few by other artists as well. He offers some interesting insights, including perspectives on the creation of his persona, Slim Shady ("I never wanted to go back to just rapping regular again."), his addiction to pills ("Ambien will make you do crazy shit. Imagine if you took it all day long."), catching flack for his absurd, violent sense of humor ("I'm not gonna not say this, because it's funny, regardless of whether or not it's fucked up.") and breaking through with "My Name Is" ("But once that single came out, my life changed like that. Within a day. Just going outside. I couldn't go outside anymore.")

Read some choice selections over at Rolling Stone, or dig through all of Em's annotations yourself here.

Eminem recently celebrated 15 years of Shady Records, and was cool enough to reminisce with MT late last year.