Happy 68th birthday to Iguanas drummer James Osterberg!



If you find yourself drawn to listening to all 28 takes of "Loose" on the amazing Rhino Funhouse Sessions box today, that's possibly because April 21 is the birthday of one Iggy Pop (born James Osterberg), onetime drummer for the Iguanas, who you might also know for his singing in the Psychedelic Stooges (later the Stooges), plus also a solo singing career notable for penning a song which would be used in luxury cruise commercials from here to eternity.


Oh man, we seriously love this guy — such a force of nature, such a performer, and we hear he's also a very sweet dude. Perhaps you want to celebrate by checking out our list of the best Stooges covers?

Or maybe an interview with him where he is so out of his mind; it's pretty intense?

Or maybe a cute little tribute to him by a British band who made this cool 7" a few years ago? 

Or maybe hearing him drum for the Iguanas?

This might be our third favorite take of "Loose." We'll go back and listen to them all, and get back to you on that. Man, we love this guy. Happy birthday, Iggy!!!