Blowout spotlight: The Complainers, at the launch party tomorrow night



Among the many acts playing Blowout who we're super excited about is local act the Complainers. They're playing the launch party at the St. Andrew's Hall complex — three floors of crazy, mad, fun times. Andrew W.K. headlines, and that show is your last chance to get a four-day pass to the whole shindig for only $20.

Eddie Baranek has fronted The Sights for over 15 years, and recently started playing in this new group, backed by Eric Allen of Twine Time and Gordon Smith of the Kickstand Band.

They play timeless power pop. If you love the Shoes, Big Star, John Krautner, and anything Mitch Easter ever worked on, then this is probably already your favorite local band.

If you just like fun, and don’t care who those other people are, you’ll still have a great time catching their show.