Concert review: Rebel Kind at the Blowout launch party April 29



Rebel Kind Kicks Off Blowout With Brief, Raucous Set

Just before 8 p.m. last night, Rebel Kind kicked off the Metro Times Blowout on the top floor of St. Andrew's Hall, a space usually reserved as the 'backstage' area of the longstanding rock club. The so-called “Burns Room” gave off a somewhat impromptu, VFW hall-esque vibe, and fittingly the trio of Autumn Wetli (guitar, vocals), Shelley Salant (bass), and Amber Fellows (drums, vocals) burned through a short set of their brand of lovelorn guitar pop.

Cynical but sweet songs driven by sharp, succinct guitar playing, bouncy basslines, and a hard-hitting and ever-steady backbeat. At times, their music brings to mind some of the numerous VU-influenced jangle-pop groups of the mid-80's, like New Zealand's Look Blue Go Purple, but with a more soulful sense of melody and perhaps more impressive vocal chops. C86 by-way-of '68.

Their nostalgic sound is studied and genuine , and doesn't pander in the posy sort of way that a lot of trendier groups manage to get by on. One particular highlight of the night was the song “Very Vivid Personality." While some kind of bizarre heavy metal Rush cover band bashed it out downstairs at The Shelter, the group had heads bobbing along to this starry-eyed, hypnotic tune from their excellent 2014 LP Today (Urinal Cake) that featured beautifully executed two-part harmony and sounded very much in the vein of 60's groups like the Shirelles.

You can also catch Rebel Kind on May 1 at the Neutral Zone in Ann Arbor, playing a benefit show for the family of Aura Rosser. They also have a show on May 24 at the Third Death Star in Ann ArborAfter that, they'll embark on a week long Southern tour before returning to Detroit for a show on June 6 at UFO. Beyond that, keep an eye out for regular dates in Ypsilanti, and Ann Arbor, as well as Detroit, and be sure to check out the other excellent side projects of all three members.