Fever Haze plays Crofoot tonight



East Meets West Michigan with Holland, MI rock group The Fever Haze

Woodward Avenue Brewers hosted Holland, Michigan band The Fever Haze last Thursday night as part of MT’s Blowout series. And tonight, you get to see them again at the Crofoot in Pontiac, at 8 p.m.

Fever Haze formed in 2012, making it through several member changes to become what it is today: a five-man rock group consisting of songwriter Jake Kalmink on vocals/guitar, Nicholas Richardson on guitar/keyboard, Eric Beck on guitar, Mike Greene on bass, and Jimmy Versluis on drums.

When asked, Greene describes the band’s sound as “the product of five musicians growing up on a diet of singer/songwriters, classic rock, grunge, pop tunes, '70s heavy metal, and indie rock coming together to play loud music for quiet folk.”

Well-known in West Michigan circles —they’ve played venues as sought-after as Founders Brewing Co. in Grand Rapids— The Fever Haze is branching out to us east-siders. Kalmink, speaking for the group, explains why The Fever Haze loves making the three-hour trek to play shows in Detroit: “It’s got so much more of a rock and roll vibe than anywhere else in Michigan.”

That we do, Kalmink.

Full disclosure: I’m friends with these dudes, so I’m perhaps somewhat biased. But they sure can play. Their crowd at the Blowout was small, but those that were there demanded an encore, at which point the band played “Clara’s In Her Dress,” my favorite song of the night. It started out dreamy in a sad way and crescendoed into a rousingly hopeful plea. I loved it. It was sweet and nostalgic, displaying the band’s incredible range: they can rock, but they can sure make you feel things, too.

You might have been busy last Thursday seeing bigger names like Black Lips or Trick Trick. But tonight, I suggest you take the time to check out this group of talented musicians. They’re about to take over the Michigan music scene; stay ahead of the curve.

The Fever Haze’s record Dear Fate is slated to come out this summer, on Triple Deke.