Aaron Dilloway raised over $5K for quake relief via online sales of Nepalese field recordings


If you're even the most casual fan of contemporary experimental, noise and/or drone-based sound, then surely you are hep to Wolf Eyes co-founder (and tape/ live sound manipulator extraordinaire) Aaron Dilloway. His prolific and excellent label and mail-order distribution company Hanson opened a physical store in Oberlin, OH fairly recently. Dilloway spent many years in Brighton, and Ann Arbor, and frequently performs in the Detroit metropolitan area.


Dilloway also has a deep love and respect for Nepalese culture, having first visited there ten years ago, with his wife, who was doing her own fieldwork towards a PHD there. And Dilloway's first solo release was recorded there, in fact.

As soon as news broke of the devastating earthquake in Nepal two weeks ago, Dilloway offered his epic box set of field recordings for sale online, with all the proceeds benefiting quake relief. As of yesterday, he posted that he's raised over $5,000 towards relief, just from sales of this one set. Today, news comes of a second earthquake in the region registering a 7.3, causing further devastation. Donate at least $15 and receive Dilloway's tracks via this link here. the organization Dilloway is supporting is right here, should you prefer to donate directly.


There is still great need for both immediate and prolonged assistance in Nepal, so anything you can do to help will have a lasting effect.