Detroit Punks' hour long Gories documentary is essential



Hey, stop whatever you are doing and watch this 54 minute, super excellent and professional looking documentary on the Gories, produced by the Detroit Punks people (which I think is mostly this guy Ivan you probably know). It was just released one week ago.

This really is the Gories doc of your dreams. It's mostly Mick Collins, Danny Kroha, and Peg O'Neill — you know, the band. They're shot separately, pieced meticulously together so that they finish each other's sentences. A few others are in it (Ben Blackwell, Muffy, Mike Hurtt, Steve Shaw), but if it were further expanded into an actual feature, you'd have to have horrible people like Bono talking about how important the band is. They really are the best Detroit band from the entire 1980s, if not beyond — and they just finished up another successful European tour, so it all ends super happily, yayyyy.