Electric Forest is next week

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Electric Forest is next week. Are you planning to attend? Here are seven photos Metro Times ran last year from last year's fest, plus a little blurb on the event. As usual, it's sold out. The blurb was written by our friend and intern Adam Theisen. 


Walk through Electric Forest’s (June 25-28) psychedelic woods at night, lit up in neon and filled with wandering hippies and the festival’s weirdest performers, and you’ll have a tough time tolerating the normalcy next time you go to Lollapalooza.


We’re lucky enough to have one of the most unique festivals in the country right here in Rothbury, Michigan, and you can go and have fun if you’re a baby-boomer hippie or if you’re a 20 year old in a frat, whether your drug of choice is Lucy or Molly.


There’s contemporary EDM superstars like Skrillex, Flume, and BASSNECTAR, but there’s also The String Cheese Incident performing three shows.


Even if you’re a cool kid, don’t sleep on The Cheese — they put on quite a weirdly special nighttime set, and their fans are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.


Show up, chill out, and take drugs from strangers at your own risk. (Electric Forest is sold out, but come on, man, you’re a resourceful person.)