Captain Beefheart in Michigan: Tubeworks 1971, Lansing radio 1974 & Harpo's 1980



Recently, one of our favorite YouTubers, BobSeger1981, posted two short audio clips, radio station bumper IDs recorded for Lansing's WKAR for Dick Rosemont's "Audio Aftermath" show on April 17, 1974 by Don Van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart, after he'd played a spot called the Brewery in Lansing. I love how he ends the second one saying "Captain Beefheart... enjoyed playing here," which is likely very high praise from the mysterious artist. Instead of just posting those today, I figured I might as well post the legendary Tubeworks in-studio videos from the start of 1971, plus the audio for his Harpo's show at the end of 1980. It sure seems like the Detroit metropolitan area always had a lot of love for Beefheart. It's fair to say the entire Midwest did, especially when you think of how all the great early Ohio bands, from Devo and Pere Ubu to Tin Huey and the Electric Eels, owed at least some debt to the man.