New Protomartyr album due Oct. 9; here is a link to a brand new song from it



Sounds like an A-Frames track at half-speed to us, but that's just one listen in — nor is it in any way a diss; we all love the A-Frames, don't we? And we all love Protomartyr; it's one of the few things that brings all the tribes of the Detroit metropolitan area together. 

Here is "Why Does It Shake," courtesy of Protomartyr's very hep record label, Hardly Art, who are based in Seattle so they surely had to deal with reacting to that New Yorker article about the imminent and super deadly Pac NW earthquake all day yesterday. But back to music; this sure is a neat little number:

This is exciting! One of the most anticipated Detroit albums by anyone — up there with Tunde and Mountains and Rainbows! The full track listing is as follows:

The Agent Intellect
(Hardly Art)

1. The Devil in His Youth
2. Cowards Starve
3. I Forgive You
4. Boyce or Boice
5. Pontiac 87
6. Uncle Mother’s
7. Dope Cloud
8. The Hermit
9. Clandestine Time
10. Why Does It Shake?
11. Ellen
12. Feast of Stephen