'Robocop' score reissued, streaming now


  • Courtesy Milan Records

Here's a way to spend the time while you wait (still) for Detroit's long-ballyhooed Robocop statue: Milan Records has reissued the original soundtrack to the 1987 cult classic.

The soundtrack will be released on July 17 as part of director Nicolas Winding Refn's (Drive, Only God Forgives) "Refn Presents" series. Long out of print, the Basil Poledouris-composed score uses both "synthesized and orchestral music as a mirror to the man-versus-machine theme of the movie" according to Wikipedia. 

We can't resist ... we'd buy that for a dollar. Actually, the double-LP release will set you back $36.98. The album will be released digitally and on CD as well. Check it out at Milan's store, or stream the soundtrack below (via Fact magazine).