Insane Clown Posse invites Bronies into Juggalo family?



A fun piece of satire appeared today, alleging that, earlier this week, the members of Insane Clown Posse invited Bronies, a community of male devotees of My Little Pony, to attend the Gathering of the Juggalos. 

We enjoyed it, and it even had us fooled for a while. It said that ICP noted that Bronies have long supported the Juggalo family, and the two recording artists wanted to spread the word. Violent Jay said: “There is not a huge difference between Bronies and Juggalos, we both misunderstood and treated like [shit] by society because they think we’re weird. The important thing is that they good people and treat each other like family because they are family.” They added that Juggalo-Brony hybrids — dubbed Juggalonies — were welcome at this year's Gathering, now taking place in Ohio.

It's not the first time we've heard of this, though. One of the questions fielded by our own resident Juggalo expert, Vinnie Monastiere, involved Bronies. It read:

Q: I wouldn't say I'm a Juggalo or anything, but I do have quite a few brothers and sisters who are. I am, however, considered a Brony. My friends who are down with the clown are totally cool and accept my love for the fandom. I do sometimes wonder what would happen if the two fandoms met. Would they chill and swap stories, since Juggalos know what it means to be outcasts? Or am I just a lucky guy to have such understanding friends. What's the Juggalo take on Bronies?

A: I think any group that's considered "outcasts" is gonna stick together. I think, if anything, that Juggalos are very open-minded to other things and people's interests. It goes back to us being judged all the time. We make a point to not judge other people because we know how it feels. We're very accepting of different things like that because we know how it feels. We wear clown paint; we can't really talk. Obviously you have some really good friends as well, but Juggalos as a whole are very open-minded to things.