Just announced: 'Les Rallizes Denudes' music film at MOCAD Aug. 19


This is a big deal for fans of awesome psychedelic noise-folk-rock from Japan, or as Greg Baise, who's putting the event on at MOCAD on Wednesday, Aug. 19 at 9 p.m. sharp for only $5 calls it, "the perfect filmic totem for the world's most obscure and dangerous cult band, Les Rallizes Denudes."

Released on VHS in 1992, the film combines Mousike's assemblage of archival backstage and performance footage with a series of concerts. The obsessed director crossed the world to shoot the band, at his own expense, during the savage, black-leather-clad final days of Les Rallizes Denudes' 37-year existence. Mousike eschews a narrative arc the film lacks language of any sort, save for the fabricated French-Beatnik-Japanese creole leader Takeshi Mizutani "sang" in to avoid association with any of the societies he so seditiously despised in favor of an approach both concrete and formally impressionistic: his film is disconnected, opaque, displaced, harsh and jarring, much like the mysterious, dark entity on which he is so singularly focused. Never has a performance film worked so hard at summoning the abstract qualities of an artist's essence and mystique.