Check out Illa J's heartfelt new single, which directly addresses his brother's legacy


“Dilla-Day” Is celebrated in February, as we all know. But when you’re the brother of the hip-hop legend, every day is Dilla Day. Illa J has released his second single, “Never Left,” off his upcoming album, simply titled Illa J, on Bastard Jazz. The song is a surefire melodic brotherly love track aimed at both fans and fake fans. The main chorus says it all: “It’s like you never left, you with me up to booth, I see your silhouette when I still start thinking bout you. And I would never let somebody taint your truth cause tainted love is all around and the shit ain’t cool.”

It’s no secret that J Dilla has become more popular to mainstream music fans in death than when he was still alive. He’s the constant “your favorite producer's favorite producer.” Illa J acknowledges that the rise in attention to his brother’s legacy is great. But some artists and emcees just want to capitalize off the late beat maker’s name and sound.
“…Don’t give a fuck about me, just wanna rap on some Dilla. Coming up to me like I heard Dilla yo brother, I went to the tribute, I took a pic with yo mother. And it means a lot to me, but a few of you don’t mean it honestly.”

The song is heartfelt, ever timely, and has added to the anticipation to Illa J’s upcoming album.