Check out Luc Sante's playlist of 100 of his favorite songs, right now


Cultural historian Luc Sante has compiled a 100 song playlist that's excellent and eclectic, to say the least. I bet that it's going to be the soundtrack to my work week for the next month.

When asked about how this thing came to be, Sante sent this: "That playlist is something I was asked to do by the guy who runs that site ( Of course I was thrilled. I'm always a frustrated DJ. About 75% of it is greatest hits of all my mixtapes going back ten or fifteen years. People seem to be liking it—I was sure I'd be slagged for being insufficiently up-to-the-minute or being rockist or something."

Sante's latest book is a large work, THE OTHER PARIS: The People's City, Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. It's out in about 40 days and I can't wait for the copy I pre-ordered online to arrive. Earlier this year, MT spoke with Sante; that piece is here.