Check out Dean Wareham's list of top three metro Detroit-related tracks


Luna plays St. Andrew's on Thu., October 15; right here is our interview with Dean Wareham, the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist for the band.

Cut for space was the following bit:

Metro Times: If you had to pick your three favorite tracks from the Detroit metropolitan region, what would they be, and why?

Dean Wareham: That’s tough, so much great music to choose from, from Motown to a couple of indie bands I really liked, like Outrageous Cherry and Slumber Party.

How about:
Füxa, “Mary” from Frequencies for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Healing. My friend Randall Niemann runs Mind Expansion Records and records his own music as Füxa, who make music in the vein of Suicide and Spacemen 3 but it’s really his own delicate, dreamy thing. The song was originally by Spectrum and is a tribute to the late Mary Hansen of Stereolab. I was on a bill with Füxa at the Magic Bag in Ferndale a couple of years back and he put on a really good solo show.
“Gimme Danger” from the Stooges’ Raw Power which was recorded in London but surely qualifies as a Detroit album. This song is beautiful and sinister simultaneously, starts with delicate acoustic guitar and tinkling piano but gets weird.
“Just My Imagination Running Away With Me” by the Temptations, a great song with a beautiful string arrangement. We used to do this one in the early days of Luna, though of course it was more famously covered by the Rolling Stones.