Detroit man allegedly rapped murder confession


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Rap has a long history of braggadocio — fictitious or otherwise — but a recent case in Detroit might be life imitating art imitating life.

Mark Dillard, a Detroit man suspected of shooting his pastor in the head, has been bound over for trial based on a rap he left on his girlfriend's voicemail.

Prosecutors say Dillard's lyrics amount to a confession, pointing to the line, "I killed the rev and he ain't going to heaven. Ask Fox 2 they'll tell ya, I'm a [censored] killer."

In true life-imitating-art fashion, you can read more about the case over at Fox 2.

As Dillard's attorney Chris Kessel points out, using rap lyrics as evidence is a slippery slope. "Half of them would probably be arrested and be put in jail because apparently they all are out murdering people," he told the judge.