Third Man's Instagram account handed to Wolf Eyes over weekend; they allegedly lose 1K followers


Many have speculated that Michigan's tricksters of trip metal, Wolf Eyes, might be a strange fit for the Third Man label's roster of largely garage rock, pop and folk. But those people might have no idea how truly weird a lot of the stuff in the Paramount box sets sound, just as a for-instance.
Yesterday evening, our friend Alivia Zivich, the visual artist who co-owns the excellent What Pipeline gallery, alerted us to breaking news from the label's Instagram account. She wrote "Here's a story for you: Wolf Eyes takes over the Third Man Records Instagram, account loses 4000 'can't handle the ‪#‎tripmetal‬' followers."

It turned out that closer to 1,000 followers un-declared their allegiance to Third Man. Anyone even vaguely familiar with Wolf Eyes, trip metal, or the Michigan underground will just find their dozen or so posts funny, and not be offended by them.
Thankfully, the label (or Wolf Eyes themselves posing as such) had a sense of humor about the whole thing. They posted a fake apology (above), which they soon retracted (below).
If you're looking for a primer on "what is trip metal, anyway," we're sorry. There really isn't such a thing. Our review of their brand new record for Third Man is right here.