Check this brand new Halloween-themed video from Supa Emcee (woah, Doors sample)


In the music biz, timing is everything. Longtime Detroit artist Supa Emcee has dropped the perfect gem for Halloween. A video for his single “The Here After” debuted this morning. This is off his recently released album The Immortal (Titan Records). The track is a perfect marriage of a bouncy bass line and a sample of The Doors' classic “Break on Through." (Because you can’t go wrong when you’re sampling a singer who once allegedly drank blood, right?)

The video starts with two women attempting to resurrect the masked emcee with a Ouija board. Soon Supa Emcee appears storming through darkened streets and allies with a crew full of masked cronies. The video is obviously inspired by the 2013 film The Purge, and should be the perfect background music to all your Halloween festivities this weekend.