What's the next Third Man 7"? Why, Jack White and the Muppets covering Stevie Wonder, of course.


Record cover courtesy of Third Man.
  • Record cover courtesy of Third Man.
Even if your cold and jaded heart is so blackened it might as well be dead, you might find some joy in this cover by the Third Man Records head honcho joining the Muppets' band in a cover of Stevie Wonder's "You Are the Sunshine of My Life."

The song was featured in last night's season finale of the revitalized Muppets TV show. White appeared in the episode, to wonder aloud at Kermit's ability to drive a car, bestow relationship advice, and serve as the program's musical guest.

White singing Wonder — that's one Detroit artist covering another, in case you're not following along. The track is instantly available via the usual download places, but will soon be issued as a 7" and available in record stores across the globe (and always available at Third Man Cass Corridor). You can pre-order it online here.